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You People I use to be a part of a Black Bulletin Board System network called AfroNet. Bulletin Board Systems, more commonly known as BBSís which were local based online networks that were very popular before the Internet took off. My BBS was called Online in dí hood. BBSís were just about killed off by the Internet. One of the BBSís in the AfroNet  network was called U-People. It was a play on a comment by Ross Perot who ran for President in 1992 as an Independent. While speaking at a NAACP meeting, Ross Perot referred to the members as you people. It was a very controversial comment at the time even though Perot didnít mean any harm. I started a Black issues discussion website some years ago and borrowed the name from the BBS except I used You People instead of U-People. You People was fairly active the first couple of years but because of so much competition from other Black websites that frankly did a better job than mine, I basically shut it down. I still own the domain. I keep the web site up mainly as a memorial to my oldest daughter who was murdered and to maintain my youpeople domain.


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